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Roof Repairs Melbourne

We can help you with gutter replacement, fix your gutters or clean them out for optimal functionality.

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Roof Repairs Melbourne

Some times there is just a simple fix needed to get your roof back to its sealed and secure state.
When a roof starts to leak it can cause massive problems if left unattended that can cause bigger issues like leaking home syndrome that can not only cause damages to your ceiling, walls and structural trusses. A bad leak left noticed can cause mold and mildew to build up. This can cause health issues for the residents of the home and has caused many problems in the colder seasons.

If you suspect there is something a little off above your ceiling then calling our roofing experts will give you a chance to get on top of the issue faster meaning you save money and insure the health of your household from the possible mold.
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Our Range Of Roof Repair Supplies

We offer many different roofing repairs here in Melbourne. If you have a roof made from colorbond, tiles, singles or any other material you can have your roof repaired with our rapid repairs effectively, fast and cheap.

Rapid Roofing is exactly that and happy to complete any roofing job from a new colorbond roof, some new Monier Roof Tiles maybe a poly carbonate roofing repair or even a simple roof seal with our high grade sealers. No job is to big or to small for Rapid Roofing, we have even been known to do the odd gutter cleaning Melbourne.

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